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Louise (Davis) Dendy Family Tree

This is the family tree for my great-grandmother, Louise (Davis) Dendy. I do not believe that Joshua Davis and his wife belong on this tree.

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And there are the children of her great-grandfather, John Renfro who died in Gibson County, Tennessee:

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Davis, Dendy, Yarberry Photographs

It's a rainy day, and good time to scan and add some family photographs. These will also be added to FamilySearch and Findagrave.

First up is a photograph of my great-grandmother Louise (Davis) Dendy. This photograph is a tintype. Notice that at some point the corners were clipped off. Tintypes were taken over wide period of time, so I will have to use clues in her hairstyle and clothes to date this at another time. She has very dark eyes, which my great aunt Arleen (Dendy) Deaton referred to as "snapping black eyes."

Lousie (Davis) Dendy

Louise Davis was born in Texas in September of 1880.

Next is a photograph of Louise's mother, Mary A. Lavaney or Lavinia (Yarberry) Bittick Davis. She was born in 1843 in probably Gibson County, Tennessee. These photographs were taken on the same day. Notice the similarity in the clothes and the floral corsages. Mary is well into middle age although her hair is still dark. She has the same dark eyes as Louise. Also, they share the same set of the mouth and similar noses. This photograph is also a tintype with the corners clipped.

Mary A. L. (Yarberry) Bittick Davis

This photograph is of Louise's father, Eli Van Buren Davis. He was born in 1844 in Tennessee. He and Mary married in Hempstead County, Arkansas in 1867. This is also a tintype with clipped corners. No doubt this was taken on the same day as the others. I wonder who else in the family had their picture taken that day? Yet another prominent nose. Eli's hair is also starting to recede. I have a cousin who bears a very strong resemblance to him.

Eli Van Buren Davis

The next picture has received a lot of wear, but fortunately their faces are all still visible. The three Davises are older here. This picture was taken when Louise Davis was in her late teens. She married at the age of about 22 in 1902, so this photo is older than that. This photograph was made by a studio in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas. Not only can the clothes be used to help this date this photograph, but the style of the card it is mounted to can be used to date it. If I can find information about the photography studio, that will also help me to date the photograph.

Left to right: Eli Van Buren Davis, Louise Davis, Mary A. L. (Yarberry) Davis

At one time my grandmother told me that this was a picture of her parents, Louise Davis and Buford W. Dendy. That would suggest that it is picture that was taken when they married. At another time she said that it was a picture of Louise Davis and her brother, William Thomas Davis. I do not have another picture to compare with "Uncle Bill Davis," but I think that this fellow more closely resembles my great-grandfather Buford W. Dendy. If this is their wedding picture, it was taken in 1902.

Louise Davis and Probably Buford W. Dendy

This is photograph of Reba Louise Davis, the first born child of Louise (Davis) and Buford W. Dendy. This is also a "hidden mother" photograph. You can see Louise's arms (on the right) as she holds Reba steady, suggesting a baby that cannot quite sit upright on her own yet. Reba died a few months after her third birthday and was forever afterward referred to as "Baby Reba." To my knowledge, this is the only baby picture taken of any of the Dendy children. It was probably taken in late 1903 or early 1904. Notice that the plain, dark card stock does not have a photographer's mark.

Rebe Louise Dendy

After 1910, Eli Van Buren and Mary (Yarberry) Davis joined their daughter Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Hardy in west Texas. At that time, they all lived in Hedley, Donley County, Texas. This a photograph of Louise's sister Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Hardy and family.

William James and Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Hardy and Children

Seated on the left is father, William James Hardy. Standing to the right is Charlie James Hardy. Standing behind him is William Thomas Hardy. Seated is mother, Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Hardy. In her lap is baby Dollie May Hardy. The girl standing on the far right is Myrtie (Hardy) Bain.

Meanwhile, Louise (Davis) and Buford W. Dendy's family was also growing. 

Buford W. and Louise (Davis) Dendy and Children

The boy on the far left is Burl C. Dendy. Seated is father, Buford Watts Dendy and wife Louise (Davis) Dendy. In her lap is baby Arleen (Dendy) Deaton. The boy on the far right is Orval Van Dendy. This is the last photograph of my great-grandmother that I have seen. This photograph would have been taken some time around 1910 or 1911. My great-grandmother had three more children before she died of the flu in 1918.

Her sisters grew old without her, and as they aged, they looked more like their mother. On the left is elder half-sister Laura Ann (Bittick) Smith and on the right is sister Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Hardy.

Laura Ann (Bittick) Smith
and Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Hardy

Friday, June 23, 2017

Elizabeth, Wife of Ambrose Chapman

© Kathy Duncan, 2017

Documentation for the surname of Ambrose Chapman's wife Elizabeth has eluded me for years. They lived in Marion County, Georgia and are buried in Phillipi Baptist Church Cemetery in neighboring Schley County, Georgia. Both were born in South Carolina in the first decade of the nineteenth century.

For years I've seen her name as Elizabeth Griggs or Greggs. Supposedly, she was Ambrose's second wife. His first wife was supposedly Elizabeth Allen. No one has ever come forward with any documentation to support either wife. Did their names come down through oral tradition? A family bible?

Then along came with their growing collection of records. It is possible to search for documentation for an individual through the family tree and attach the documentation or source. On FamilySearch a large number of children have been attributed to Ambrose Chapman.

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Many of these children did not die until the early twentieth century, which means they might have death certificates that name their father AND mother. One of the best strategies for research is to gather as much information on all the children as possible. With that in mind, I started using FamilySearch's search engine to link sources to the Chapman children.

The first the death certificate that I found was for son Ambrose Taylor Chapman, who died 5 January 1930 in Marion County, Georgia:

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While Ambros Chapman is named as the father, the mother is given as "unknown." That of course, is disappointing.

The second death certificate that I found was for daughter Mary Jane (Chapman) Woodall, wife of Abner Woodall, who died 23 April 1927 in Taylor County, Georgia. 

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Her death certificate provides the information that her father was Ambers Chapman and her mother was Elisabeth Griggs. This the only documentation that I have ever found for Elisabeth Griggs. Of course, Mary Jane's death was 87 years after her birth and 53 years after Elisabeth's death, so it is a secondary source at best. Still, it's the only documentation that I have so far for the Griggs surname.

I still have hope of setting eyes on the death certificate for daughter Martha Dandridge (Chapman) Allison who died in 1928 in Ashley County, Arkansas.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Maria Guadalupe Gurule's Family Tree

This is the family tree for Maria Guadalupe Gurule, wife of Juan Domingo Salazar. Note that her great grandfather is Santiago Gurule aka Jacques Grolet of the ill fated La Salle expedition. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the parentage of Maria Petra Montoya. 

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Juan Antonio Leyba's Family Tree

This is the family tree for Juan Antonio Leyba, husband of Rosalia Madrid: 

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Maria Rosa Leyba's Family Tree

This is the family tree for Maria Rosa Leyba, wife of Jose Ramon Sandoval:

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Rosalia Madrid's Family Tree

This is the family tree for Rosalia Madrid, wife of Juan Antonio Leyba. Note that her great grandfather was Roque de Madrid. 

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